My name is Leo, I'm a french Designer trying to make cool products.
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About Me

I'm 23 years old. After 3 years in a Parisian school called EEMI, I graduated with a Bachelor in Web Design. During those years, I had the privilege to intern at Free and Dailymotion as well as Google, with the AdSense team in London for about 6 months.

Given those experiences, I consider myself both as a Visual and UX Designer. My goal is to create simple, delightful and ergonomic products.
I'm also into Identity Creation & Branding, Motion Design, Illustration, Video Advertising, Filmmaking, 3D and Music Composition. I know how to code in HTML & CSS, and I have basic knowledge of JavaScript. My softwares of choice are Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator.

Feel free to say hi and click the "ask" button to get in touch and talk about a project, a job offer, to learn more about me or to get a copy of my full resume.

Internship at Dailymotion

as a "Mobile Product Designer"

During Summer 2013, from June to September, I had the chance to work as an intern at Dailymotion (as of November 2012, Dailymotion was the 31st most visited website in the world). As a Product Designer, I precisely worked on the mobile products of the company. An amazing experience, on many levels. I met great people and I had the pleasure to help create and design cool things. Among them, the Dailymotion "Caméra" app for iPhone and the iOS 7 update of the main Dailymotion app.

iOS 7 Redesign

After the 2013 WWDC Apple Keynote, I redesigned the home screen icons of the just-announced iOS 7 update. Not that I disliked it, the changes that the update brought were welcomed but I couldn't get my mind of those new icons, they seemed rushed, despite the grid system Apple explained.

So, just for fun and practice, I tried to redesign each one of them. I kept the same design direction, but I wanted to make them look more coordinated and find some kind of harmony.

On the left, you can see the second iteration of this redesign, made a couple of months later. And with the link below, you can access the original v1.0 post on Dribbble.

See the original post on Dribbble
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